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Teamsware Solution Studio

Flexibly create and roll out your own forms, processes, functions
With Teamsware Solution Studio you customize the digitization of your construction projects to your requirements. Without code! Without consultants!

In Teamsware Solutio Studio, Microsoft's Power Apps approach has been consistently thought through to the end: Map business logic without code and roll it out throughout the company with just a few clicks.

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New superpower for SharePoint Online

The focus is on SharePoint Online with its lists, libraries and views, which is extended by essential functions: individual processes, forms and dashboards. All in one development environment and with a revolutionary roll-out for new features.
Forms & Actions for Mini-Processes

Simple applications that make your work easier and work on any device

Forms that perform

Create simple user interfaces with a variety of form functions

Action Links

Effectively manage and control dynamic processes

Search / Filter in lists

Simple, customizable search in lists, columns, and forms

Integrated calculations

Apply complex formulas, calculations, or regular expressions in data fields

Metadata inheritance

Optimal search results through the consistent distribution of metadata to child elements

Data aggregation

Define totals, average, maximum and minimum values, counts across multiple lists & fields

Creation of documents

Create one-click documents based on Microsoft Word filled with SharePoint list data

Automated actions

Configure and plan powerful actions

The heart of the process: Packaging. Provide. Roll out.

SWAG your features? Yes, you can!

Unlike most low-code/no-code tools, Solution Studio assumes that you want to develop a solution in one place, test it in another location, and eventually deploy it to another location for production use. Oh, and that you want to make changes later and test/publish them as well. And even create a catalog of solution templates. We make these things simple – really simple.

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    Create your processes with forms, queries, filters, and functions. The extensive collection of templates makes this even easier.

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    Most no-code tools ignore deployment. Not with Teamware! We've made sure solutions can be packaged, deployed, and turned into templates.

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    What you build with Teamsware Solution Studio can be used wherever you want it - automatically and effortlessly: online, on-premises, directly in the production environment, in catalogs, you can send your solution to customers or even offer it for sale on online marketplaces.

How Solution Studio works

If you can create a SharePoint list and/or add Web Parts to a SharePoint page, you will find Solution Studio quickly and easily. The process often goes something like this:
  • We’ll help you create the forms, including tabs and master/detail lists.
  • You can trigger a whole series of statements that run in a set order. We call these “Actions”.
  • Do you want totals to be calculated automatically? Create a Word document with the entire contents of a case file? You can also add these functions to your solutions without any problems and enrich their processes with them.
  • Add any assets: images, pages, list item content, library documents, navigation links, style and theme configurations, and more.
  • Assemble a share.
  • Deploy this release package to your test or production environment using one of the various methods available, the simplest of which is little more than a click.