The digital project and construction file with Microsoft Teams for every company size

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All Microsoft / Office 365 users are licensed, external users (guests) are free of charge
1 - 20 users
/ Month*
21 - 50 users
/ Month*
51 - 100 users
/ Month*

*Only available as an annual subscription

101-300 users
/ Month*
301-500 users
/ Month*
501-1000 users
/ Month*

*available as annual/half-year subscription or purchase license

1001-2000 users
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2001-4000 users
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from 4001 users
on request

*available as annual/half-yearly/quarterly subscription or purchase license

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Implementing the digital construction file together in one day

Industry knowledge included

Our team knows the construction industry and the requirements

How many projects / construction files can I create?

Create an unlimited number of projects/teams from templates. Limit is only your Microsoft 365 environment. (max. 500,000)

How many templates can I deploy?

Create an unlimited number of templates for projects, departments, teams, or work groups

Do you have ready-made templates?

As a customer, you have access to many templates that have already been set up (HOAI, DIN276, etc.) with folder structures and tasks

Which users do I need to license?

All Microsoft/ office365 users of your environment. Guests and externals are included free of charge in the package.

Can I integrate BIM solutions?

Integrate your models and edit them directly in Autodesk BIM360 (under development)

Is there a scope for my Office templates?

Make all Office templates centrally available to your users

Can I archive completed projects?

Yes of course. Create lifecycles for teams, work groups, and projects with notification, and archive automatically terminated teams.

What does the Digital Assistant do?

Our digital assistant “TiWi” supports with daily tasks such as editing requests or archiving teams in the background

Can I also prepare tasks and notes in a template?

Yes, all tasks and notes in the template are created with each new project and can be used immediately.

Can I continue to use my folder structures?

Yes, of course, simply inift existing folder structures into your templates and make your file server mobile!

Is mobile construction documentation available?

Yes, incl. Teams integration and synchronization of drawings and plans.

What new features are planned?

We will publish our roadmap shortly.

We offer our cloud solutions as purchase versions even without a subscription!

FeaturesTeams StandardDigital project/construction file
Create channels
Create and manage files and folders
Invite members and guests (external)
Meetings as a video conference with screen sharing
Teams templatesMicrosoft templates only
Central e-mail address for projects / teamsno longer integrated
Save teams/projects as templates (teams, projects, working groups, departments, etc.)
Customize /resave templates (export/import)
Predefined templates for planning and construction (by phase, DIN276, HOAI, ÖNorm, etc.)
Templates with folder structures
Templates with private channels
Templates with predefined tasks (project tasks, etc.)
Templates with predefined notebooks (OneNote)
Project list with additional information (location, status, client, etc.)
Synchronized changes
Approvals for projects (release)
Naming conventions for projects, files, and workspaces
Automatic archiving (live cycle management)
Digital Project Assistant (Notification Bot)
Mobile construction documentation (photo documentation, defect management, acceptance and inspections)
✓ (option)
BIM Integration (Integration BIM360, BIMPlus)In development
Meeting management with logs and open points lists
In preparation
File naming conventions and automatic distributionIn preparation