Construction supervision and quality management

Build more efficiently, error-free and on schedule with our professional digitization solutions. Complete defect reports, documentation and construction day reports directly on the construction site. Communicate with your contractors and your client digitally and legally compliant.

Construction defects

Technical condition inspections
Follow-up inspections
Waste disposal
Occupational safety
Preliminary inspections and acceptance

Construction Photos

Construction progress documentation
Highlighting defects

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Construction checklists

Inspection plan
Testing of components
Fire protection documentation

Construction Diary

Partial reports for relevant areas
Complete daily reports
Sharing AN Reports
Release for the client

80% More efficient processing

The digitization of defect management, photo documentation and reporting leads to an enormous increase in efficiency. With the mobile recording on site, all activities can be carried out, so that no post-processing in the construction container is necessary.

Up to 50% fewer defects

Through a systematic detection and tracking of defects from the start of the project, all participants are informed at an early stage and thus sensitized. The complete defect management does not forget any open points. This ensures that a 100% error-free performance is taken off.

100% document automation

At the push of a button, all relevant documents are generated with our digitization solutions - requests, protocols, reports, checklists, documentation and more. Whether these are sent by e-mail or by registered mail, you decide.

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