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From countless construction projects and more than 20 years of experience, we have the decisive lead in digitalization in planning and construction. Below you will find some practical tips for transforming into the cloud. Today's requirements for project work are characterized by cooperation and secure communication. Use our experience for a successful implementation.
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From notepad to task management

Become more productive with seamless teamwork! With Planner, your team can easily create new task packages (plans), organize and assign tasks, share files, discuss current tasks in chat, and share progress. Cross-topic and cross-project task management also on the go.

Practice Tip 1

Use Microsoft ToDo to merge all your appointments into Outlook, Teams, and Planner. Create lists for private tasks and share them with anyone.

Integrate external stakeholders into the project team

Cooperation is a matter of course and imperative in the project environment. Guest access allows internal users to collaborate with people outside your organization in projects by giving them access to existing projects.

Practice Tip 2

Sharing content and documents securely and comprehensibly is always better than sending by e-mail. Attention - External participants are even free of charge!

Storage of files and folders

During the construction process, you work with countless documents and plans. Make your project storage mobile and transparent with files and folders. Editing files together across companies is a must in the world of work.

Practice Tip 3

Replace your file server storage with teams. You will receive mobile access incl. Versioning without having to do without your usual folder structure!

Meetings with that certain something!

Project meeting on the construction site or in the office, Schedule, invite, document, and record meetings! With live events also organize webinars or online events like the professionals.

Practice Tip 4

Record meetings and have a log of spoken content automatically created.

Schedule projects instead of moving appointments

Completion of the projects on time is one of your primary goals. This cannot be achieved without planning. Manage the planning process in collaboration with Project online. resource planning made easy.

Practice Tip 5

Also use Microsoft Project as a desktop version from the cloud

From sending to editing together

Files uploaded and shared in a project are accessible to all team members. It's easy to work with others, including external people who don't have Microsoft Office. This saves you e-mail storage on the one hand, and eliminates the need to merge multiple document versions.

Practice Tip 6

Whether with Office Online or Desktop - you'll always see who's currently editing the document

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