The digital project and construction file with Microsoft Teams

The digital project and construction file provides a variety of useful features for your construction projects and is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams.This gives all project participants access to up-to-date documents and information in the construction file from anywhere and at any time.Use your own project templates with channels, folder structures, Planner, OneNote, etc. and create new construction files from these templates. With a naming convention, you can automatically name your construction files, Planner, and OneNote, and structure them perfectly. With an integrated approval process for the creation of a construction file and the LifeCycle management, you have an overview at all times.Many more functions can be found at the end of the page in the function overview.
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We make Microsoft Teams to the digital project and construction file!

During the construction process, you work with countless documents, such as models, logs, drawings and plans. Make your project digital, making files and folders mobile and transparent. Editing files together across companies is a must in today's world of work. With modules such as BIM, plan or defect management, practice-oriented processes are digitised from many years of project experience.

Many practical extensions for the digital project and construction file

Create projects

With templates for projects, departments or construction sites

Folder structures

Individual folder structures for different projects

Approval processes

Apply and release projects and workspaces

Automatic naming

Naming conventions for projects with number, cost center, location, and so on.

Templates from practice

Prefabricated project templates for civil engineering, HOAI, DIN276....

Task management

Tasks with checklists (cross-project, integrated), Kanban

E-mail addresses

Use e-mail input to the project as well as on special topics


Chat communication with all project participants


A bot shares all important information with you and accompanies you in daily work

LifeCycle Management

Retention and erasure periods, e.g. GDPR

Full integration with Microsoft Teams

Desktop and smartphone

Easy installation

Directly from the Microsoft Teams App Store

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The right solution for every requirement!

Microsoft Teams is currently mainly used in corporate communications, but with the right concept can do much more! Teamsware offers complete solutions for different forms of business.

Planning, Engineeringand Architectural Offices

The project tool for joint planning work and internal processes

Investors, developers, construction departments

As a common communicationplatform of all parties involved

Construction companies, construction sites, joint ventures, bidding consortium

As a cross-company platform for collaboration

Public authorities, building authoritiesand authorities

As a central platform for construction sites, branches and projects

Compare the range of functions!

We are expanding Microsoft teams to the digital project and construction file. With its many features, Microsoft Teams is increasingly becoming the central tool for day-to-day work in companies, but knows no industry-specific features or processes. We offer a lot of additional features for your Microsoft Teams environment.
FeaturesTeams StandardDigital project/construction file
Create channels
Create and manage files and folders
Invite members and guests (external)
Meetings as a video conference with screen sharing
Teams templatesMicrosoft templates only
Central e-mail address for projects / teamsno longer integrated
Save teams/projects as templates (teams, projects, working groups, departments, etc.)
Customize /resave templates (export/import)
Predefined templates for planning and construction (by phase, DIN276, HOAI, ÖNorm, etc.)
Templates with folder structures
Templates with private channels
Templates with predefined tasks (project tasks, etc.)
Templates with predefined notebooks (OneNote)
Project list with additional information (location, status, client, etc.)
Synchronized changes
Approvals for projects (release)
Naming conventions for projects, files, and workspaces
Automatic archiving (live cycle management)
Digital Project Assistant (Notification Bot)
Mobile construction documentation (photo documentation, defect management, acceptance and inspections)
✓ (option)
BIM Integration (Integration BIM360, BIMPlus)In development
Meeting management with logs and open points lists
In preparation
File naming conventions and automatic distributionIn preparation
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