Together into the digital future
of planning and building

Microsoft Teams is the standard solution for enterprise communications and is the ideal basis today's digital workplace.
Teamsware puts planning and construction at the heart of the digital workplace and offers a variety of practical solutions for planning and project life.
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Not only talk about the digital future of planning and construction, just do it now. Digitalisation with Teamsware!

Collaborate across borders

Today, Microsoft Teams is mainly used in corporate communications, but with the right concept, it can do much more! Teamsware offers complete solutions for different forms of business.
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Planning, Engineering
and Architectural Offices

The project tool for overarching planning work

Investors, developers, construction departments

Investor portal as a communication platform for all involved parties

Construction companies, construction sites, joint ventures, bidding consortium

As a cross-company platform for collaboration

Public authorities, building authorities and public authorities

As a central platform for construction sites, branches and projects

Microsoft Teams - A great tool for projects!

Projects are always an interplay of many participants. Bring them all together with the Digital Workplace for planning and construction. Invite to the meeting as a video conference, share your screen and collaborate on office documents in real time. Provide models and plans, launch releases, and share with external stakeholders for free.

Join us in making Microsoft Teams a digital project or construction file!

Now available in the Microsoft Teams Store!

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Structure from the beginning

With many years of experience, we accompany our customers in the conception, implementation and use. For a successful implementation of the digital project and construction file, important points have to be considered that go beyond the purchase of a new software solution.

Use project templates

Templates for every intended use, whether for company, location, department, construction site, project or working group.

Determine the lifecycle of projects, teams, and content

Automatically archive projects to ensure retention periods

Project proposal and approval

Stop the uncontrolled growth of teams and still release the individual use!

Without compromises on data protection and security

We all communicate more and more online. That's why it's important that conversations are safe and confidential. Privacy and security have never been a side issue for us and Microsoft. This promise continues, not only in these difficult times, but also in the future.
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